4 reasons why buying a home with cash may be a mistake...

Oct 8, 2019 4:49:14 PM / by Mark Gorman posted in Mortgage, Pre-Approval, Pre-Qual, Lending, Home Loan, Pre-Qualification, Approval, professional, home purchase, financing contigency, FHA, closing costs, homebuyers, home ownership, PITIA, financing, capital, payments, mortgage payments, emergency funds, boosting credit, income, asset, myths, credit bureaus


There’s a common misconception out there that buying a home with cash is always a faster and easier option than financing. If you have the funds to buy a home in cash (congrats on that saving, by the way), financing might actually be a better option. Financing your purchase with a qualified lender offers homebuyers a host of unique advantages that cash buyers just can’t enjoy. If you’re weighing your cash vs. financing options, consider the following:

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5 common FHA appraisal issues: how to fix them

Jul 11, 2019 5:02:07 PM / by Jeffrey Che posted in Mortgage, Home Loan, Approval, Underwriting, home inspection, appraisal, FHA, do it yourself, buying a home, homebuying, myths, paint, windows, safety, utilities, water



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3 myths of traditional vs online mortgage lenders

Jul 10, 2019 7:16:00 AM / by Mark Gorman posted in Mortgage, buying a home, myths


Deciding to buy a new home is one of life’s most important decisions. Once you’ve given yourself the green light—and after the euphoria and surge of adrenaline spikes and subsides—you need to identify your specific financial capabilities and goals, and what you require from your mortgage lender.


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