Things to Remember While Home-Shopping [Real Estate 2020]

May 18, 2020 9:14:49 AM / by Brett O'Daniell



The spring home-buying season is normally one of the most lucrative times for real estate and property investors - but things have changed this year due to COVID-19. With data readily available, it is easy to see how the 2020 corona-virus outbreak and social distancing policies have impacted real estate opportunities and the home-buying process ➔ 

Does this mean it is a bad time to buy a house?

People are worried about job security. There is still a lot of pent-up demand in the housing market for both home-buyers and home-sellers. Inevitably, there will still be some lasting impact on the housing market moving forward but ultimately it will be nothing like 2008. 

Mainstream consensus is don't expect to find great bargain deals if you are looking for a recession opportunity. The demand is there and sellers are not panicking. As with most industries, demand will v vary from region to region. 

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Brett O'Daniell

Written by Brett O'Daniell

Co-Founder of HomeTraq. 18+ years real estate and mortgage experience.

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